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Devon Stephens

Hey, I'm Devon Stephens – a Graphic Design and Advertising student at Grand Canyon University, graduating in Spring 2024. From freelance design and captivating photography to serving as a dedicated graphic designer and social media manager for a local architecture firm, I've cultivated a strong foundation for my career. With Adobe certification and active involvement in AIGA Colorado, I'm geared up to make my mark in the world of design and advertising

after graduation.

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My Story

Devon Stephens is a passionate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Advertising at Grand Canyon University, with an expected graduation in Spring 2024. Driven by a strong affinity for design, Devon has ventured into freelance graphic design and photography, culminating in the ability to create compelling visual stories that resonate across diverse audiences.

Her commitment to growth led to becoming an Adobe Certified Professional in Visual Design, a testament to her mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite, a design industry cornerstone. Active participation in AIGA Colorado has facilitated connections with fellow design enthusiasts and kept her attuned to industry trends. With an impending graduation, Devon is excited to combine academic achievements, practical expertise, and industry accolades, positioning her as a promising candidate poised to make a significant impact in the dynamic realm of graphic design and advertising. Her journey at Grand Canyon University has not only nurtured her technical skills but also fueled her innate creative flair, laying the foundation for a fulfilling career in creative communication.

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