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Joel Metzler

Hey there, I'm Joel Metzler, and I bring over 30 years of hands-on experience in the home building industry. From building steel structures in PA to honing my skills in LA and San Francisco, I've crafted a journey that's all about creating remarkable homes. With a solid foundation in carpentry and project management, I'm excited to collaborate and bring your vision to life!

My Story

Joel Metzler brings over 30 years of extensive experience in the home building industry.  Starting out early in his career he began building steel buildings in PA.  After high school Joel moved out west and met his wife Colleen in 1989. They moved to LA and Joel began working for a production frame crew for 2 years.  Joel then moved on to working with High end remodeling contractors learning all the different disciplines of the business.  This led to working in San Francisco for a couple more years honing his carpentry skills and then on to Colorado in 1999.  At this time with a lot of his skill set learned in carpentry, Joel then began working for different general contractors as a project manager while starting his own custom home company building award winning homes. 

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