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Sarah Shaulis

Hey, I'm Sarah – an interior designer on a mission to transform spaces into captivating stories. My journey began at Valdosta State University, where I pursued Interior Design while working full-time, gradually transitioning from waitressing to kitchen and bath design. Atlanta introduced me to the world of large-scale construction at Oldcastle Surfaces, and later, I explored the realm of commercial furniture with Sandler Seating, connecting me to design hubs in London and Italy. Fuelled by my passion, I continued my education at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), immersing myself in advanced design solutions and a wellness-focused approach. Internships at Harrison Design and work at F.A. Hunter and Associates polished my skills. I founded Intrepid Interior Design to infuse a touch of the Southwest into every project. With a love for textiles and outdoor adventures, I aim to create spaces that reflect your unique style and essence.

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My Story

Sarah Shaulis holds a 5-year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design from Valdosta State University, which she pursued while working full-time. Starting from serving tables, she gradually advanced into kitchen and bath design at a local Valdosta showroom. Following graduation, Sarah moved to Atlanta and gained substantial experience in large-scale kitchen and bath construction at Oldcastle Surfaces. She then ventured into the commercial furniture realm with Sandler Seating, connecting her to design manufacturers in London and Italy. Inspired by this, she pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), specializing in advanced design solutions using research studies and the Evidence-Based Design method.

During her academic journey, Sarah interned at Harrison Design, renowned for its classic southern residential architecture and high-end interior design. She further honed her skills in the hospitality interior design industry at F.A. Hunter and Associates, contributing to projects with Marriott Corporate and InterContinental Hotel Groups (IHG). After graduating from SCAD, she moved to Tucson, Arizona, joining Lori Carroll and Associates (LCA), a firm celebrated for its high-end residential interior design projects. Her roles at LCA included project and construction manager, enhancing her practical knowledge.

Driven by a passion for wellness-focused interior design, Sarah founded Intrepid Interior Design in the Southwest. The company specializes in cordial spaces such as retail areas, restaurants, hotels, and residences. Beyond her professional pursuits, Sarah's diverse interests – from textile making, cooking, and gardening to history, 4x4 travel, and camping – infuse her designs with an eye for detail and soothing, natural elements. This comprehensive background informs her approach to each project, seamlessly integrating her personal touch into every endeavor.

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