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DesignWorks Development was founded in 1989 in Albuquerque, NM by Rodney S Stephens. Today, the company has been providing Unique design solutions for Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona with their home office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Our focus is on providing complete design services for custom residential projects as well as Design and Construction services for all scales of renovations and remodels.


DesignWorks Development employs the language of design with intuition, and invention, and versatility to create dwellings that exist easily within their surroundings while surrounding their inhabitants with ease. Our design process provides an armature for consistently developing each project to accommodate the unique conditions of every location, building and client. we are committed to designing houses that reflect, respect, and enhance their surroundings.


We strive to enhance our culture through the art and practice of Design. 


We strive for the optimal solution for every design challenge to create enduring buildings that balance ideals, program, aesthetics and budget. 


We strive to maintain an exciting yet controlled environment for project development by utilizing a Project Check list that organizes our efforts and provides a qualitative measure of progress.


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